Judging Panel

David Cohn

Director, National Sales


By combining his extensive industry knowledge with ongoing analysis of the market, David is able to anticipate industry and consumer trends and provide timely and effective protection and product solutions that are aligned with partners’ business goals.


In addition to working directly with retailers, David coaches ZucoraHome’s national network of sales representatives who serve hundreds of independent retail partners.

Corrie-Ann Knell

Director of Sales & Marketing


Before joining HGO almost six years ago, Corrie-Ann spent a decade working in the trenches of the Canadian furniture industry serving as a sales representative and trainer for Phoenix AMD International; a sales representative for Furniture Brands Canada; and, the Eastern Ontario sales manager for Springwall Sleep Products.

John Power

General Manager/Sales & Business Development

Mega Group

Currently, a member of Mega Group's senior management team, John Power has held a variety of national and North American sales and marketing management positions with companies such as Sklar Peppler, Serta Canada, and Palliser, among others.


He has also served as chairman of the Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance events committee for the past several years and is a member of its board of directors.

Raffaele Laserra

Assistant Vice President/Home Furnishings

Cantrex Nationwide

A seven-year veteran of the Montreal-based buying and marketing group, he is responsible for all national furniture and bedding programs. Prior to assuming his current role, he was the product manager for its Accent banner of furniture stores in Quebec.


Before joining Cantrex, he worked for Brault & Martineau, Quebec’s largest furniture, bedding, and major appliance for 12 years, including 10 as a store manager.